Green Hydrogen Mobility for Alpine Region Transportation

We are very proud to announce that the Interreg Alpine Space Programme Committee approved our project H2MA for ERDF co-funding! 

H2MA aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using green hydrogen for mobility. H2MA addresses key Alpine Space needs:

  • Climate change challenge: 30% of GHG emissions in the Alpine macro-region are attributed to transport, with freight and urban transportation being major contributors to air pollution and noise.
  • A promising solution: Hydrogen produced from renewable energy (“Green Hydrogen”) is a zero-carbon alternative for powering vehicles, trains, ships, machinery and even airplanes.
  • The emergence of economically viable green hydrogen ecosystems requires a critical mass of applications and streamlined infrastructure development, beyond fragmented territorial initiatives.

More information about all Interreg Alpine Space projects for a climate resilient and carbon neutral Alpine region: Interreg Alpine Space.